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Couponing 101

Getting started in the world of couponing can seem a bit intimidating. We always encourage our CD&S family members to choose one store to master, before starting your couponing journey at another store. Every store has different rules and policies when it comes to couponing. Every store also has their own rewards programs, which is the true key to couponing, and spending very little out of pocket.

Dollar General

One of the best things about couponing at Dollar General is that typically on Saturday’s we are able to use an extra Dollar General coupon towards our purchase! This is a $5/$25 purchase coupon and can be found on your FREE Dollar General app!! This $5/$25 Dollar General coupon can also be used with our other manufacturer coupons! Also on the DG app, you will get lots of other DG and manufacturer coupons to help you save money on everyday necessities. For more about couponing at DG you can check out their coupon policy here.