Crazy Deals and Steals


Walgreens is another store where many couponers find fantastic deals week in and week out. It’s best to familiarize yourself with the Walgreens coupon policy before diving head first as a couponer at Walgreens. You can view their policy with the link below!

Some things to note while couponing at Walgreens…

Walgreens has two rewards programs, “MyWalgreens” and “register rewards.” In order to participate in these rewards programs you must first download the FREE Walgreens app, and set up a MyWalgreens rewards account that will be linked to your phone number. This phone number will be used when you checkout at Walgreens, and will apply any digital coupons you have clipped to your account, and also help you keep track of your Walgreens cash!

How do you earn within the MyWalgreens program?

By making qualifying purchases shown in the weekly Walgreens ad. Earn Walgreens cash rewards, and then spend your cash rewards on other items in the store! The same for Register Rewards, they are also earned by making qualifying purchases shown in the weekly Walgreens ad.

When you earn a register reward, you can then turn around and use that register reward to lower your out of pocket cost on a future purchase at Walgreens! MyWalgreens cash and register rewards are essentially Walgreens money. What’s really amazing about couponing at Walgreens is you can combine MyWalgreens cash promotions and/or register rewards promotions WITH our manufacturer coupons AND Walgreens coupons!

For instance, the weekly ad states “buy 2 Pantene 12.6 oz shampoo or conditioner-get $4 Walgreens cash.” If we have pantene manufacturer coupons, we can combine those with this deal for even better savings. Let’s imagine we have a $3/2 pantene shampoo or conditioner manufacturer  coupon.

The scenario would look like this:

Pantene 12.6 oz shampoo / conditioner $4 each X2 = $8-$3/2 Pantene shampoo or conditioner manufacturer coupon =$5 total (this is what we will spend out of pocket). BUT since the promotion states we will get $4 Walgreens cash if we buy 2 of these items, we will in turn get $4 back onto our Walgreens rewards account. So we paid $5, but got back $4 worth of Walgreens money.

What is our final cost for this scenario?

$1 final cost or just $0.50 per shampoo/conditioner. Then we can use the $4 in Walgreens money we earned from the Pantene, towards our next purchase!

One thing to remember about couponing at Walgreens is we can NOT use a register reward to pay for the same items offering a register reward during the SAME WEEK…if we do, we will not get another reward. For example: Stephanie received a $5 register reward at Walgreens for purchasing gillette and Venus shaving items. Stephanie can NOT use this $5 register reward to pay for gillette / Venus shaving items again within the same week, if these items are on promotion offering another register reward. However, if Tide products are on promotion and offering a $5 register reward, Stephanie CAN use her $5 gillette / Venus reward to pay for these items, and STILL get the $5 reward back for the Tide purchase.

Confused yet?

If so, we totally understand! Be sure to follow our weekly videos on YouTube for more helpful information, and accurate weekly deal breakdowns. Something else to keep in mind about couponing at Walgreens, unlike at cvs where the weekly ad will have limits on promotions, Walgreens does NOT have this! Which means we can do a Walgreens weekly deal/promotion as many times as we want to throughout the week using the same Walgreens account for every purchase!